Color Correction Service
Color Correction Service
Color Correction Service
Color Correction: Color Adjustment, Swatch Matching Services

Color Correction is a most important prepress step and strongly connected with creating stunning looking web albums and prints. Color Correction is the process of changing the color of a digital image, digital video or any form of digital media which includes skin tone adjustment, color temperature, exposure, contrast, saturation, clarity, vibrancy, highlights, brightness correction, shadow compensation and color tint. Many times certain colors of objects in a photo such as clothes or accessories have to be changed to different colors, moderated for color correction or re-colored to restore perfect balance. It’s only possible to achieve through highly professional Photoshop services. Digital photo color correction service is required for damaged, dull, poor, old photographs by removing or changing unwanted/defective areas of photos. Color Correction combined with two simple steps like primary and secondary color grading. In primary step we will adjust the color of the photos that it will look natural and our professional designers know well which level is perfect for the images. In secondary step we take care of the images as per requirements/guidelines of the customer. Mainly we focus on adjusting/correcting the color along with if there need to add or remove any shadows or unexpected elements.

Photoshop color correction services are performed with professional equipment that changes the color and light balance to ensure that your photos are professional level and adjusted to the correct tonal range. Unfortunately it’s hard to get a photograph with the accurate, perfect lighting and coloration on your own and there are many possible problems with trying to perform photo color correction without graphic designer professional’s help. PiXelz Center is here to help you gladly anytime. We are committed providing each and every one of your photo editing projects the individual attention it deserves. We can ensure your images find their own space professionally and correct any errors in your color balance, levels and exposure. We provide the following service mainly to modeling, advertising, publishing, printing company and jewelry industries all over the world.

Color Correction can be used in following-
  • To adjust color hue of the images
  • Brightening a dark or underexposed photograph
  • Adding a cinematic look to bland shot photograph
  • Helps to adjust appropriate color contrast
  • Sharpen the color tone
  • Use to re-edit color of the photographs
  • Increasing the dynamic range of a photo
  • Adjusting levels of lighting across a photo
  • Naturally drawing view to a certain part of a picture
  • Changing the mood of your photograph without making major edits
  • Removing unnatural tints
  • Correcting for dull, poor or colored lighting
How Color Correction Service Works?

Firstly your photos are examined by a professional in the field of photo correction work and they are manually improved to compensate for problems in lighting and color as well as in other areas of the photos. As a result, the editing product photo is greatly improved to make any photo appear more professional and natural, as if you are looking at something alive.

Of course, image color correction is not limited to simply correcting a photograph to look more natural, different effects can be applied according to the desire of the customer. Perhaps as someone who desires to edit their wedding photos, they may want vintage color correction performed. A vintage coloring task can be applied to your event photos to give them that old-timey look you want to achieve which is difficult to pull off using simple filters on your own.

Who Might Use the Service?

There are various potential uses for color correction service in business & personal needs. However, anyone who wants to improve their images of any kind, whether for business or even for some personal reasons, can benefit highly from these service. Do you want to make a beautiful photo album to show your children or grandchildren filled with brilliant family photos? Then perhaps the service is for you. However, the great majority of people will want and need the service for professional reasons or for any other important events.

Editing your own professional profile pictures can prove to you to be very difficult and most people who are building a new business profile do, for good reason, opt for professional re-coloring service. These professional photographs help to attract any potential customers trust you much quicker as a business person. Much of the reason a consumer will use a particular service is because they trust the service provider. A stand-out personal photograph can help you look more approachable and competent. It really is all about the looks.

Importance of Color Correction Service

Color Correction/adjustment is the soul of photo editing which have various potential uses in the service. However, the most common example is that of an eCommerce site which needs to display a product in various colors. For example, a Polo T-shirt with different colors is essential to be in display for the customer to imagine which would suit them best.

A model does not need to put on a shirt of every color during the photo session; this would make it lengthy, expensive and troublesome. A model can wear a T-shirt of Purple Color which could then be re-colored using color correction service for other colors such as Green, Red, and Blue etc. This option is much more profitable& time saving compared to hiring a model and dressing them in every available color of clothing. Thus, it saves product cost without compromising in the display of multiple products for the benefit of customers.

Guarantee of Perfect Color Correction Service

We PiXelz Center have been the most relied upon name for providing best quality photo color correction service through vast knowledge on photography images to make them colorize to clients over the years. We have hundreds of satisfied customer & they are taking simultaneous color correction service from us. Our expertise designers have a sound economic sense with possible amount of acceptable risk to over a long journey in years. After getting complete instructions/guidelines from customer we start working on the jobs to meet the demand of their need. So we will cordially request you to send us some jobs to judge the quality of the service.

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