Features at a glance!

The listed features below are just a few of many and we are working hard together in good pace to make it simpler, easy and user friendly for our valued clients.

  • Best Quality Assured with Low Cost
  • Simple Ordering System
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Weekly/Monthly Payment Options
  • Exclusive Team Management
  • Flexible Payment Options
  • 24×7 Non Stop Customer Support
  • Have many more, keep an eye under the hat!
PiXelz Center Feature Image
Our pricing is competitive and affordable which starts at $0.39/image
We ensure 100% satisfaction guarantee; we will refund otherwise.
Profession resources are key to our success; we keep it updated with latest technology.
Standard turnaround time is 12 hrs along with flexible options.
You will get 5% – 10% discount for sending 500+ images / month.
Pay us on weekly/monthly basis if you desire.
Customer service is operated 24/7 for your convenience.
Your given VAT ID will be added on your invoices for print friendly use.
Clients can send file through FTP, Wetransfer, Filemail & Sendspace

Clean – Easy &User Friendly Control Panel

A very easy and simple user friendly control panel which is designed for use of customers!

A purposely designed, user friendly control panel and nice looking user interface to meet not just jobs but also to provide you a new experience of the fastest and easiest way to send jobs. You can handle everything of order procedure from the service portal area. There are options like service category, return file format, desired turnaround, quotation, quantity of images, adding and removing images. You will also be able to upload images via our integrated Web Uploader channel.

Instructions: If you ever feel it is incommodious to provide written instructions/requirements over emails, we are here to give you the taste of new experience of using a graphical user interface (GUI) along with all possible options. You can opt for having flatness on Clipping Path/Background Removal options like: Contour, Cut Out, Deep Etching, Color/Multiple Path; Image Masking Like: Layer Mask, Alpha-Channel Mask, Translucent Mask, Background Remove ;Photo Retouching Like: Image Retouching, Photo Touch Up, Enhancement; Shadow Creation including Reflection Shadow/Mirror Effect, Product Shadow, Drop Shadow; Color Correction Like: Color Adjustment, Swatch Matching, Color Separation, Color Conversion; Photo Manipulation Like: Mannequin Removal, Neck Joint, Object Remove, Image Composition; eCommerce Image Editing Like: Web-Shop Image Resizing & Cropping; Raster to Vector Like: Vector Mask,R2V and File Formats like: JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, EPS, AI.

Easy & User Friendly Ordering System

Sending your images to Pixelz Center is just four easy & simple steps ahead!

Step 1 :( Login/Register) – Before you start uploading images, you need to Register and Login to the Pixelz Center Service Portal. Just a simple registration form is here and no credit card required. You can also deliver your raw images through Web based Uploader.

Step 2:Create New Order – After Login into your Dashboard, you will find a Create New Order Button in the left sidebar that you need to click on to proceed with.

Step 3: Submit – Upload your images and specify your instructions or requirements by clicking on the right options that you want to be done. After completing all the steps you can make an order by clicking on the Submit button.

Step 4: Download – You will receive a confirmation after completion of your desired given order via email notification. Start downloading the completed images using your preferred methods.

Do you need further help? Please just let us know; we will be glad to assist you.

Team Management

None of our competitors will give you the features to add great value to your business in extension privilege preferences.

We at PiXelz Center work as a dedicated team and contribute to the overall success of the Company. Even though we all have a specific job function and belong to any specific department, we are unified with other department members to accomplish the overall objectives of the project. The bigger picture project drives our actions; our function exists to serve the bigger picture.

Our total operation runs successfully based on clear expectations, context and commitment. All our team members are aware of the company expectations and possible outcomes. The team members are well supported with resources, time and feedbacks. All the members are receiving sufficient emphasis as a priority in terms of time, discussion and attention directed its way by team leaders.

Our dedicated graphics designer’s team is well aware of the strategies and they have continuous communication with the team leaders so that all the tasks are done accurately as per the instruction. All our workers are highly committed to accomplish the team mission and expected outcomes at any rate from the project. Team members perceive their service as valuable to the Company and to their own career development.



Founder & CEO



Head of Creative Design



US Business Development Executive



Cheif of Production

Flexible Payment Options

Convenient weekly/monthly payment plans along with various payment methods are offered!

We Accept: payments via PayPal, Payza, Payoneer, Skrill & 2CheckOut including all major credit cards like: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, Maestro & Visa Election (credit cards are also accepted via PayPal/2CheckOut only). Bank Wire will be a flexible option for regular clients.

Payment Form: You will be able to pay via any of the above mentioned methods after downloading the file that you order for editing. However, you can pay on a weekly/monthly basis as trusted and dependable corporate clients if you send us jobs regularly& have satisfactory reference.

Super Support

Our expert dedicated team of Pixelz Center is always on call & ready to help you gladly any time whenever you need. We strongly keep in mind that ‘Our Success belongs to yours’. Our splendid Customer Support Team is ready to solve your any queries at 24x7x365 within the quickest possible time via email, instant message and telephone whenever you need.

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