Price Starts from US $0.39 / Image

Pixelz Center offers professional result-oriented best quality photo treatment solution in affordable prices all over the world in the quickest time. Price mainly depends on complexity of images, quantity and given turnaround time. It will be easy to provide you a authentic quotation upon reviewing of your images and we can make sure you that our price is competitive and the quality of services is unbeatable than our other competitors. Normally, we quote on any image after checking the level of complexity. Our complexity level can be defined as Simple, Medium, Complex and Super Complex. We also offer full money back guarantee on all of our services until satisfaction.

This pricing chart below is for giving client’s approximate idea of cost of our services. There are no invisible and hidden charges here. Prices are mentioned separately and are subject to a starting price for each category of the following services. We highly recommend not corresponding based on the pricing chart. You may get more reasonable & competitive price when you will negotiate with us. Price will be drop down on bulk order.

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