PiXelz Center offers a good number of services including Photoshop Clipping Path, Photo Cut Out, Photoshop Retouching, Image Masking, Shadow Creation, Photo Manipulation, Color Correction, Raster to Vector Conversion (R2V) and E-commerce Product Photo Editing, etc to provide your product photos look artistic and professional. We provide 100% manual/hand-made photo editing services by utilizing one or more of these techniques simultaneously all over the world. The professional artists at PiXelz Center use latest technology, innovation, applications and techniques to provide the best possible solution of graphic design. Below is the series of service together with their niche name.

Contour, Cut Out, Deep Etch, Color Path, BG Removal
Layer/Alpha-Channel Masking, BG Removal
Photo Touch Up, Enhancement
Reflection, Drop & Product Shadow
Mannequin Removing & Neck – Joint
Color Adjustment, Separation & Replacement
e-Shop Image Editing, Resizing & Cropping
Vector Art, Vector Artwork
Short Brief of Services

After going through the above services and their short description, you will get a clear idea about the services that we offer to our valued customers. If you would like to read more about the services, please click on Short Description of particular service name.

In most cases, when attempt to sell a product or place a photo on a background, the background removing or image cut out will be the great solution in the way of allowing you to create a stunning professional looking image with your choice of background colors. If you desire to prepare product images for eCommerce sites you should consider using image cut out since it can change the background of any color. Sometimes, a Photoshop Specialist highly recommends if you want to remove the background of an image in an appropriate way that will make your image to look attractive. Background removing requires more technical expertise on Adobe Photoshop like using Image Masking can be an ideal option to change background with complex images that have hair, fur, or the images semi-transparent or translucent such as glass, feathers, smoke, flames, lighting, highlight, muslin, silk muslin etc.

Creating Shadow on an image will make a stunning look which is obviously difficult & time consuming to achieve during the photo shoot. There are many option for creating stunning looking shadows depending on the use of images; creating shadow includes: drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural product shadow or mirror effect that are appealing to a customer’s eye. An image that has already been created can also be perfected using image enhancement services. Therefore, there is no need for retaking the photo or starting from scratch. The Photoshop Specialist can also use a color adjustment to change the color of the image or fix the red-eye effect. This can also be achieved through touch up or image retouching technique on Photoshop. An Image Manipulation service can perform a composition of images or design element that is highly recommended to combine images to get a final product or remove an object from an image which is almost similar to Ghost Mannequin and Object Remove Services. For instance, you took snap of a t-shirt wearing a man or woman and you do not want to show the man or women with the product. It is that pretty easy for us when you send us that image of t-shirt wearing man or women and the inside collar of the t-shirt. We will simply remove the man or woman and insert the inside part of the t-shirt which will look very natural like a person wearing it but not showing. This is called clothes Neck-Joint Service; it is mostly required by the clothing companies as well as online retailers.

We also offer wide range of services that can optimize website images. This enables us to create optimized images that are compatible with webpage to ensure that client’s website looks professional. Web Image Editing may include image cropping and resizing to allow the image to fit in a particular part of the website. The background remove tool can also be used to remove the background to make easier for an image to be altered. The image retouch helps in perfecting the edges, color correction in addition to contrasting image to make the images look pretty and professional on your website.

Great Value on Your Choice

Apart from these services that mentioned above, we provide 100% hassle free One-Stop Image Editing Solution to many businesses like photographers, photographic studio, online retailers, web based eCommerce site, brand, advertising agency, web design company, catalog company, printing & printing pre-press company, sport-clothing company and lots more. You may have different requirements regarding your images and need to set up additional parameters on images which we really care about. If have any customized works of your images, please feel free to contact us or email us at: info@pixelzcenter.com.We are here to make your life & business easier.

Sample Images of Combined Services
Clipping Path
Multi/Color Clipping Path
Clipping Path with White Background
Clipping Path with Transparent BG
Clipping Path with Drop Shadow
Clipping Path with Original Shadow
Clipping Path with Reflection Shadow
Photoshop Layer Masking
Photoshop Alpha-Channel Masking
Translucent Masking
Photo Retouching
Clothes Neck-Joint
Mannequin Removal
Image Re-sizing & Cropping
Raster to Vector Conversion

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